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Nicholas Gledhill

Nicholas Gledhill headshot


While originally well known for his roles as a child actor, Nicholas is now recognised for his regular appearances as an actor, singer and director around the Sydney independent theatre scene.


Nicholas plays regularly with Josh Shipton and The Blue Eyed Ravens, around the inner-west. He recently performed as Frederick Treves in The Elephant Man, directed by Debbie Smith, at the PACT theatre in Erskinville.


Nicholas studied at the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama (now the BSA) for three years and, after working in the UK for some time, returned home to Australia to play John Darling in the Jim Henson's Creature Shop production of "PAN".


He began acting at the age of 6 when he played the central role (PS) in "Careful He Might Hear You" for which he was nominated Best Actor in 1984.


Nicholas has also worked as a Stage Combat Master and Choreographer, an acting teacher and is a prize winning writer (ICI/STC Young Writers Competition).

Site currently under reconstruction​


This was originally a place to hold my acting / writing / musical resume, and info related to those pursuits. It was never completed.


I'm currently in the process of linking it to details of my recent work in Maths and the Software stuff that goes along with that.

Please bare with me while I work this out... while I also find time to get the Maths / programming work done (and... spend time with my family, play with the band, read with Players, write songs, put on shows... and have a social life? - yeah?, nah...)

The structure of the site is now somewhat confused.

This page still refers to the original purpose of the site - for details, related to my Maths and programming - please see:

  1. My "Maths landing page"

    1. Plus, explainer on what the the Maths site is intended to achieve

  2. The output of my recent course (SCI395) on elliptic curves

  3. My current experiments with elliptic curves in Go

If you came here looking for info on other parts of my life - you could have a look at the info other people stick up online about me:

Oh - and, I guess there's all the other stuff I've stuck up online, over the decades too:

There are other bits and pieces - but I'd have to Google them... so?

TODO: fix this page.




​Mob: 0419 609 025

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