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Acknowledgements and Bibliography

Thank Yous and references.


First and foremost let me say thank you to Dr. Jelena Schmaltz for all of her support, guidance, energy, focus, ideas, and her continuing passion for her subject and her students. I could not have done this without your help and guidance. Our immediate connection on subject matter was only the beginning of our journey. Your openness to ideas, your gentle navigation of advice, your sense of both the importance and the beauty of what we study, and you practical and straightforward approach to the subject matter were a joy to work with.

This work completed as part of a course (SCI395) with University of New England - under the supervision of Dr. Jelena Schmaltz.

I would like to acknowledge Wix for helping with their platform, to build this site.

And a special thanks to Desmos (especially their 2D and 3D graphing calculator, as well) for helping me to build the visualisations and animations for this work. At some point, when I've had a chance to clean the work up, I will be linking to the graphs used for this work, in Desmos. If you are interested, please let me know: - and I try to get them tidied up and shared more urgently.


(APA Style) - is this right?

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Other things read, not yet references properly:

(just notes)


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